Friday, 28 August 2015


Hey everyone!!!

Haven't done a blog in a veryyy long time, but here goes - thnx to Sophie my fab photographer for my fave summer looks!

This is one of my all time fave outfits tbh! The cropped black shirt is from H&M, the skirt obviously from American Apparel. I'm wearing black Calvin Klein socks with Doc Martens 1461 shoes and a yellow Kånken mini!

(My head just wouldn't look good in this one!) Here I'm wearing a white baggy V-neck top from Miss Selfridge, boyfriend jeans from Topshop, Docs nd socks, and a black Kånken mini!

In this photo, I'm wearing Topshop boyfriend shorts, a grey crop top from River Island, with a yellow Kånken mini and Docs!

Another of my faves! Mustard yellow baggy top from Lacoste, denim button-down skirt from Topshop, Docs and my Kånken!

I'm really looking forward to AUTUMN/WINTER OUTFITS 2015 BC I HAVE SO MANY THINGS IM PLANNING TO BUY AND LIKE AHHH !! Soo until then haha!

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